Men's Retreat 2012 - the Faith Bowl

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*** This weekend under the direction of Head Coach Jesus ***

Friday, Feb 24. 2012

  6:00pm    -         Assemble in the Church parking lot for the drive to the Retreat  (drive ~ 75 minutes)
  7:30pm    -         Dinner
  8:30pm    -         INTRO - QUALITIES OF WINNING TEAMS AND MEN - GAME HIGHLIGHTS  (Coach Chiller Miller)
10:00pm    -         Socializing time

Saturday, Feb. 25, 2012

  8:00am           Breakfast
  9:00am    -         COURAGE & FAITH                     (Coach Jeff VanFossen)

11:30am     -        Lunch
  1:00pm            Activities / Sports (Skeet shooting, Fishing, Hiking, Cards)
  3:00pm     -        LEADERSHIP & LOYALTY          (Coach Jon Marty)
  4:30pm     -        Free Time

  5:30pm     -        Dinner
  7:00pm     -        TENACITY & SACRIFICE            (Coach Trent Todd -
  8:30pm     -        Socializing time

Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012

  8:00am     -        Breakfast
  9:00am     -        SERVITUDE and COMMUNION  (Coaches Rich Uhle, Ed Goode and David Zuidema)
11:30am     -        Pack up for drive home
  2:00pm(ish)-      Arrive in Wyoming


1a (Fri dinner)
Jim Falkenstine
    Bill Rusk
    Jeff VanFossen
    Darin Raymar
    Ken Popham

(Sat breakfast)
Steve Pease
    Rod Sidley
    Kipper Burke
    Steve Heilman

  2a  (Sat lunch)
Dean Gaudin
    Kevin Helser
    Brian Bonner
    John Reynolds

  2b (Sat dinner)
Ken Popham
    Chiller Miller
    Ed Goode
    Skip Koesterman
     (Guests Trent Todd
       and his brother Troy)

   3a (Sun breakfast)
     Jon Marty
     Jeff Stoffer
David Zuidema
     Scott Spera

  3b (Sun 11:30am clean up)
    Paul Bartel
    Matt Fischer
    Steve Komrska
    Rich Uhle
Stuart Schaefer
    Rob Keelor

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