What's the Agenda for the weekend?
   See the Men's Retreat 2014  page.

When and where do we meet?   At 6pm, Friday Feb. 28 in the Church parking lot.  We decide who rides with who then.  The drive is about 75 minutes.  If you must drive separately,
email help@gunsngrub.com and we'll email you a map
Will we go if the weather is bad?   Probably.  In 2008 we went in a snowstorm that shut down the city.   We had no problems because God was with us.  Also four wheel drive trucks are the vehicles of choice.  To see what we are in for check Accuweather.com.    Any major weather related changes should be posted on the Home page of this site.
What do we bring?  Bibles, soap, shampoo, towels, clothes, toiletries, gas money (if driving), sleeping bag (if you have one), folding chair for bonfire, and enthusiasm.  Optional; Ear plugs (see below).

What about food and drink?   Provided, but probably not what you eat at home (unless you are very lucky).   We eat hearty and often.  Vegetarians should pack their own food to avoid living only on bread and rolls.

Do I bring my own shotgun?   Only if you want to.  It's the only thing you will have to cuddle with.
Why only men on this retreat?
    "As iron sharpens iron, so does one man sharpen another" ~ Proverbs 27: 17.

Is there pre-reading?   Always good to read the Bible, but advance reading not required.  Got a minute?  Read some now.
Will there be scheduled time for worship?    Yes, pretty much whenever your eyes are open.   It's not supposed to be saved up for Sunday.

Will I have cell coverage?   Plan on no, then you might be pleasantly surprised, though you might have to go outside or up the road.  AT&T coverage is good, Sprint is very weak. 

Is there a land-line in case of emergency or need last minute directions?
   Yes, the cabin number is 765-647-1450.  Back-up numbers are:   Jeff cell 233-5474
, Jon cell 478-2729.  Write them down before you start driving.

Will I have broadband?   If you have your own aircard and are within cell tower range. 

Why do we have a GunsNGrub.com web site? 
  Because He provided the idea, the motivation and the tools to get it done.    Could be He wants us to share our Journey and our Faith.   Have you considered writing on the Wall?

Are there physical activities?   The farm has lots of room for jogging, walking, sledding (if someone wants to bring a sled).  I don't think we have a doctor with us so see DISCLAIMERS.

Sleeping arrangements?
   Bunkhouse style.  Bring a sleeping bag (if you have one) because blankets may be at a premium.  Ear plugs optional, but recommended for light sleepers (@ CVS, Walgreens).  
Earplugs...are you kidding?   Is the snoring really that bad?   Imagine the sound of a million buffalo stampeding across the plains.   Or the thunder of 100 Harleys at full throttle... echoing off the Black Hills of Sturgis, SD.   It isn't really that loud, but at 4am don't wake me up to tell me I was wrong.

Dress code?   Wear warm clothes when outside.

When will I get back to the Church parking lot?   Sunday mid-afternoon.   You are officially excused from the morning Church services.
How will I feel about the experience once I am home?    You probably decided that already, and it's probably amazing. 

•   •   •

Comments?  help@gunsngrub.com  Stuart